We pride ourselves on having some of the industry's best Paramedics and EMTs. On-going training & call experience has given our staff the ability to handle every type of emergency situation.


Angela Mulkerin - Paramedic, Service Director

Loretta Stober - Paramedic, Assistant Service Director

Barre Lucas - Paramedic

Ben Snape - Paramedic

Brian Perreault - Paramedic

Casey McKittrick - EMT

Catelyn Santos - EMT, Intern Coordinator

Chris Lucas - EMT

Chris Tobey - EMT

Dan Thieme - EMT

Jake Sanborn - EMT

Jay Joyce - EMT

Jeff Parr - Paramedic

Josh Openshaw - EMT

Kailey Bak - EMT

Karen Lucas - Paramedic

Katie LaPlante - Paramedic

Keith Cotnoir - Paramedic

Keith Cronin - EMT

Matthew Drenen - EMT

Nick Devlin -EMT

Tom Rice - Paramedic