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Our bylaws allow for one representative from each town in our service area to sit on our Board of Directors, and three At-Large-Members.

Our Board of Directors meets on a monthly basis to discuss all aspects of our service, including our communities, finances, operations, personnel and fundraising.


Mary Ann Pease - President, Chester Representative

Jim Castro - Vice President/Treasurer, Russell Representative

Stephen Pitoniak - Secretary, Montgomery Representative

John Garriepy - Huntington Representative

Pat Lombardo - Blandford Representative

Charlie Rose -Non-Voting Worthington Representative

Kathy Jones - At Large Member, Huntington Resident

Seth Gemme - At Large Member, Montgomery Resident

Open - At Large Member, Resident



We welcome any interested community members to attend our meetings. Input from the people we serve is incredibly valuable. Please contact if you would like to be placed on the email list for meetings. 

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