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911 Service

HCAA offers 24/7 emergency medical services to the towns of Blandford, Chester, Huntington, Montgomery, Russell and Worthington. In the event of an emergency, we advise you call 911 directly. Our emergency dispatchers are able to give critical, life saving instructions while we are en route to your location. 

Dedicated Standby

HCAA also offers its service for events in the communities, such as parades, fairs, sporting events, concerts and races. If you have an event coming up and would like an ambulance or someone from our staff on site, please contact Bailey Jones at 413-667-3277 or at

Community Outreach

HCAA offers regular blood pressure checks, at scheduled events or in your home at your convenience, as well as helping you keep track of your blood pressures. 

HCAA would love to be at your next community event. We can provide tours of the ambulance, demonstrations of equipment and give talks focusing on EMS and 911 responses all catered to your audience.

HCAA Academy

HCAA Academy offers CPR instruction for all levels of providers and lay people through the American Heart Association. CPR is a lifesaving skill and with recent changes to the CPR programs offered by the AHA, you can learn CPR hands only without having to worry about using a mask to provide respirations. For more information about offered classes, please view our "Education/Training" page under the "SERVICES" tab.

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